Roof Damage Claim Case Study

Homeowners frequently file claims for their roofs and cite recent storms with wind and hail. An expert should be able to differentiate between wind and hail damages or other causes of loss, including age-related deterioration, contact with trees, or heat blistering. 

Learn more about Donan’s forensic engineering investigation process through the Roof Damage Claim Case Study. Using a real-life hail-related roof claim, you’ll find out how our licensed engineers determine an accurate conclusion through interviews, property inspections, research, and testing. 

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•    What the adjuster needed from an expert inspection
•    The challenges for this project and others like it
•    The Donan roof inspection process
•    Conclusions we can provide with repair and replacement recommendations
•    Characteristics you can expect from all of our forensic engineering services

An objective process rooted in the scientific method ensures you’ll have the conclusive evidence to fairly settle a claim.